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RegisterConnect allows you to find and register for events, courses, and workshops near you.
About Us

Register Connect was built to help support various businesses and organizations to plan and advertise their company’s events. We provide an industry-leading event management platform, with a variety of tools geared towards providing an easy-to-use, streamlined and efficient event-registration process.

Built and developed initially in 2014, Register Connect’s goal is to continually improve and expand the services we provide, year after year. For those hosting events, our mission is to provide an intuitive event management system, with a wide range of features available to simplify the often complex process of event planning and management. Event organizers can establish and host event webpages, add videos, images, detailed information as well as process event registration tickets for their attendees, all with just a few-clicks.

For event attendees, our mission is to provide a simple, clear and easy-to-use registration process – to connect attendees with the events they are most interested in, and give them the ability to register for those events. We aim to provide a well-organized event information page, a simple payment or ticket processing system, and the ability to share the event with your family and friends. Be sure to find events near you and register today!

Contact Us

If you are looking for support or information regarding registering for a specific event, please use the FAQs page associated with each event, or contact the event organizer. Please note that the Register Connect team does not provide call-in or email-in registration support. To register for an event, you must contact the event organizer directly or use the event registration page!

For all other inquiries, please email us at: information@registerconnect.com or complete the contact form below.

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Register Connect prides itself of providing the highest levels of confidence when registering for an event through our website. To ensure that all of your sensitive information remains protected, all payments are processed securely through Authorize.Net.